Machines for insoles

OrthoDutch offers a number of milling machines specially designed for the material you are working with in your practice. Depending on your needs, quantities and materials with which you work, we can advise you on the milling machine that suits you the best. Our milling machines as standard are delivered with a full commissioning and training.

OrthoDutch Basic

Our machine for the production of soles for smaller practices is manufactured by a German renowned Engineering Company.

OrthoDutch Plus

NEW in our program: the OrthoDutch PLUS for small and medium sized practices.The machine runs identically to the Basic machine but by incorporating special control module, there is a significant increase in speed and fluid movement when compared to the Basic machine.

OrthoDutch Profi

For demanding professionals, we have added this machine to our program.
Designed to make in a short time a pair of soles that is what this machine can do with its X, Y and Z servo controlled axes, and so your duplicated simultaneous production is in good hands.

OrthoDutch Expert

This machine is fully stand alone with an integrated industrial PC for the control of the machine. The machine does not need an aluminium vacuum work table ensuring the maximum working height. This machine is also the basis on which our Concept 24/7 is designed.

All OrthoDutch machines are manufactured by a renowned German manufacturer . OrthoDutch completes these machines with an aluminium vacuum clamping table specifically designed for your application. The vacuum pump is maintenance-free and powerful with a special anti- dust filter and firmly holds your EVA during milling . Internal halogen lighting allows a good visibility into your machine. The RVS robust control buttons  with LED lighting allows a very comfortable handling. The suction mouth built in special aluminum can be equipped for a small industrial extractor ( passage 40 mm) , an industrial extraction extremely powerful ( passage 80 mm) or a direct connection to your central extraction system. Two Integrated 220 VAC plug sockets for the vacuum pump and extraction complete the package.

Production Systems for shoe-lasts

OrthoDutch LM800

The LM series is built tough and equipped with linear guides. The basic equipment, already very complete, can be extended to include specific options by you the customer. As regards to the control, there is a choice between Fanuc 0i MD control and Siemens 828D SL control. Both are extremely modern and well equipped.

Standard equipment supplied with the machine:

Full machine enclosure
Main spindle with 10,000 rpm.
Forth axis for rotation of the shoe tree
Equipped with a special tailstock for optimum clamping of the shoe trees
Preparation for extraction around the milling spindle