Service with a capital S

Unlimited support – Work without worry

Unlimited support – Work without worry

OrthoDutch is a part of the De Ridder SRM Organization, a Company that has been active for 35 years in the distribution and service of metal working machines and systems. De Ridder SRM  provides planned maintenance and service to all its customers through 20 technical staff, all trained and VCA certified.In addition De Ridder SRM is certified ISO9001: 2008. We always have a permanent and large stock of original spare parts. So you are assured that your production equipment will on the rare occasion that these are required your production system will be maintained quickly and professionally.


When your production equipment needs servicing or repair you want it to be carried out as quickly  as possible. This is totally understandable as without a production facility you can do nothing resulting in a loss of revenue. Our technical team is at your service to  resolve any problems 27 / 7


The quality and performance of your  production system must always be high. With Planned Maintenance your machine preserves its value and the chance to fail is reduced. You can make an appointment with our technical service team who will fully control your  Production System’s reliability and availability for revenue generation and your customer’s satisfaction.
During a Planned maintenance visit, all system parameters are checked thoroughly to ensure that  your facility is being used correctly and efficiently. We will also advise you of the latest updates to hardware and software.


The service contract of De Ridder SRM gives you a number of advantages during the maintenance of your production system. All this is offered at a fixed and very competitive price.

So you have:
• Priority should you require our services if you or your system needs our assistance
• 10% discount on parts that have to be replaced
• Ensuring that your machine will be checked  annually