OrthoDutch Software selection If you don’t have digital insole design software or experience, that’s no problem with us. We offer you various packages with which you

  • Digitize blueprints, feet or foam boxes.
  • Design software for modeling custom insoles
  • Software for converting a 3D model into a file for milling or printing.

Together we look at what you already have and what you would still need to make optimal use of OrthoDutch’s products.

OrthoDutch Design

OrthoDutch Design is practice-oriented software for digitally recording and modeling insoles for podiatry, podiatry and orthopedics. Based on a well-known CAD package Rhino programmers have created a unique user interface that does not require you to be a CAD specialist. Thanks to the intuitive graphical interface, you can immediately see which steps you need to go through and all tools are available to adjust the design of your insoles entirely to your liking. The package was developed in collaboration with a podiatrist with more than 35 years of experience in manufacturing insoles.

Deskproto pp generator

Deskproto is specialized CAM (computer aided machining) software for CNC milling machines. After modeling in OrthoDutch Design, the software ensures that the data from the soles is converted into files that can be processed by the milling machine.

Orthodutch manager

OrthoDutch Manager is the software package that ensures that after modeling a pair of soles you can control when they are milled. The program makes it possible (between appointments) to first model the soles and place them in the ‘queue’. To choose later when and in what order the soles should be milled.

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